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calligraphy letters for tattoo project
Sublime Soul
This is one of my favorite projects so far.
Making a tattoo is something really special, I can say sacred to me. So I worked with all my passion and love on this one, I made it almost like it`s a project that`s gonna be inked on me..

 My friend Bianca already had an appointment with the tattoo artist, so I had a week or something to create the letters. I went really into it and tried so many different compositions and ornaments. Now when I watch the tattoo I am really happy with the result, although it is not the same as the project I created, but it is ok for me, artists see stuff differently so it`s normal..

I wanted to show the whole process, so I waited couple of months so the tattoo can go inside the skin and you can see the difference. Hope it will be interesting for you..
       Girl - Bianca Dimitrova
       executed by Valio - Sofia Ink Tattoo
       letters project and photography - FLAK

       Thank you!