Aleksandrina Stefanova
     Dani Dolapchieva
     Diana Stamova
     Dimitar Chaushev
     Dimitar Ivanov
     Edit Stoyanova
     Eva Markova
     Ioan Tzenkov
     Nikolay Petrov
     Sofia Altova
     Vassilena Georgieva
     Viktoria Vitanova
     Photographer : Vassilena Georgieva
     Experimental class  typography project we made for fun in our second year "Desing in Advertising" BA, National Academy of Arts, Sofia. 
In Cyrillic this last letter you see 'Ю' is pronounced [you], and the form of the letter is something like a ligature between 'H' and 'O' so we decided to put it on two faces, instead of just one. And here you can see some photos from the process//