Strong families for SOS Barnbyar & Rodebjer

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  • SOS Barnbyar – Rodebjer
    Unique mechendise as a smarter way to show heart.
  • SOS Barnbyar is a non-profit help organization specialized on giving support to children in need worldwide. They help families to escape poverty and run children villages in more than 130 countries. To bring some innovative thinking to the field of collecting funds for aid purposes, SOS Barnbyar initiated a collaboration with Rodebjer, an international fashion brand founded by Carin Rodebjer in 1999.

    As part of the "Strong families" program, the idea evolved to make a set of two t-shirts - one for mother and one for child - with the same design. Planeta Design was asked to create an identity and packaging for the project as a first of an ambitious merchandise program.

    Given the nature of the campaign, great design had to be matched with high environmental concerns and trade ethics. In addition, the tone of voice had to be down to earth - no flashy stuff. The "aid package" was launched on the gala night hosted by Mama magazine in November 2011.

    What a great project to be part of! SOS barnbyar, Rodebjer and Planeta Design all brought their spirits to create something that could carry this important message across. This was the first release in a new merchandise concept for SOS Barnbyar.