• How many architects does it take to change a lightbulb? 
    None! It takes a city and a large crew to spin it around, actually we need a visual identity and a designer attached to it. It's a OPEN CALL and we expect submissions within a month! 
  • "We adore chaos, because we love
    to produce order. "
  • How many designers does it take to connect the dots?
     Usually only one, but it looks cool when a animator do it!
  • " A complex system that seeks its own balance 
    between ecology, economy and social structures. "
    - brief -
  • "Looks like a twisted circle, but
    so is architecture."
  • Animation:  Maxim Ivanov
    Postproduction: Stefan Chinoff
  • "Guided by the lines"
    - Man Da Tories -
  • Fugue Font by Radim Pesko
  • How many letters does it take to change 
    the art direction? I will "e-mail" you on that!
  • Change your lightbulbs, you've WON! 
  • Booyaa!!!
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