Show me your deadline, baby!

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  • It seems logical to me to begin showing my portfolio by presenting myself. 
    So, hi! This is me and my little self-promo. I'm a copywriter. I've been thinking how to promote myself in a fresh non-trivial way. Finally I got an idea and one very good friend of mine helped me to realize it.
    What if I call myself Texter (instead of the trivial "copywriter")? 
    I also invented a legend to support this character: 

    The advertising world is not a fairy tale (even not a fantasy world, brightly described by Mr. Beigbeder in his “99 francs”) and is full of bloody dirty work. If you need a hero, a man who's able to do it properly, call Texter.

    I work quickly, accurately and neatly. Bang!Bang!Bang! The problem is solved, the evil is punished, everybody is happy.
    Professional Texter. Will do all the dirty job for you.
    something like that )