• My 'muse' was away for eight weeks and so I felt a little lost and uninspired without her around to pose in my pictures, so I decided to turn the camera on myself and experiment with ways that I could portray multiple (often conflicting) aspects of my personality in one image.
    None of these photographs have been edited, all were taken with a long exposure between five and ten seconds using a Canon 7D MKII. I am not as happy as I could be with the results but will reshoot again sometime in the future.
    I really like the aesthetic of the first image in particular and will aim to achieve a similar result in my next shoot.
  • In this image I closed my eyes halfway through the exposure to give the illusion that my eyes were painted onto my eyelids. Eyes are something that have always fascinated me, and the idea of seeing even though your eyes are closed or the reverse; seeing without absorbing (due to the barrier that is your eyelids) represents the division between your 'self' and the outside world. What you portray yourself to be and who you reallly are aren't often the same thing.