Carlo Goldoini

    Design of a stage set for the Teatro Arsenale of Milano
  • Goldoni wrote La bancarotta when he was Consul of Genoa to Venice and notes: “Started my new job with the knowledge of traders, not to mention that feeling of failure. And I saw that those who were retreating, they cut the rope or who were arrested, had their ruin only ambition, recklessness, to vice. I spread my horizon to the people of the law, throwing dust in the eyes of creditors, fraudulent bankrupts gave their time to make their failures more lucrative and secure”. Third comedy of Goldoni, La bancarotta, written in 1740 and performed at the Teatro San Samuele in Venice, met a great success. It is one of the plays most markedly marks the transition from the old to the new theater of the Commedia dell'Arte theater that begins to make its way through the reform of Goldoni.
  • The concept of oppression and instability derived from the condition in which the protagonist, trousers, and is that pervades the entire play, as a substrate.
  • The design was focused on something the could be as much neatness as possible to guarantee the unity of the regular shape.
    For this reason it was studied a double possibility of detail to better respond to the need of neatness of the object.spond to the need of neatness of the object.