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    Museum, Auditorium and spaces for art in Madrid
Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Madrid, Spain
The project for the Museum of Contemporary Art is located on the way to Madrid Calle de Carlos Arniches consists of a display system with related functions such as an auditorium, exhibition space and laboratory for art and a dining area.
The project site is long and narrow, bordered by mid-rise residential buildings on the west side.
The way the building is located on a street that leads directly to the center of Madrid connecting with the major artery Ronda de Toledo.
The museum is designed in such a way as to remain within the building curtain, but tried to characterize it also through the redesign of the public space.
Study models
The museum is design as if the three boxes containing the various functions, those exhibiting, those of the auditorium and the atrium with the area more public, is incastrassero between them so as to allow a unit, and connectivity between them. The two big blocks come with their firmness and volume in the atrium and the interlocking of these create the space for connection of stairways and lifts.
Principal elevation
Longitudina section
View of the building facing Ronda de Toledo
To better meet the needs of museums, the building has two separate entrances, the main one, which is accessed through the central atrium, and the auditorium, allowing you to use it even in times when the museum is closed to the public. The usability of the auditorium is still allowed even from inside the 'museum to maintain a fully correlated with the use of exhibition space.
The volume hosting the exhibition space overlooking the Ronda de Toledo, whose importance is emphasized architecturally with the choice of a "statement section," with which he alludes to a cut due to the deal with the eter arterial road. The volume of the auditorium has an orientation from the shape of the site, as it rests directly on the building adjacent.
View of the entrance to the Auditorium
Model of the main foyer of the museum