Savannah Conservatory of Music

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  • Savannah Conservatory of Music
    Savannah, GA
    30,000 square feet
    Comprehensive Design Studio V-VI Project
    Winter-Spring 2013
              Designed for the Savannah Philharmonic Symphony, The Savannah Conservatory of Music is a new center for music education and performance experience unlike Savannah has ever had before. The center exists as a landmark destination for the city and will provide a variety of performance facilities for the Savannah Philharmonic Symphony and other community or visitng groups.  Situated on the west end of River Street amongst the street's historic shipping warehouses, the idea takes inspiration from the history of shipping, as well as the abundance of ballast stones on the site, and the unique condition of 3 at grade entry levels. 

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  • Site
  • Genius Loci
    18x30 in
    acrylic, collaged paper, graphite, on plexiglass
  • orientation and points of interest
  • history and context
  • formal site analysis
  • site model
  • Idea + Development
  • conceptual models
  • conceptual models
  • early parti sketch
  • massing model
  • transverse section model
  • longitudinal section model
  • early theatre perspective
  • communicative artworks
  • Solution
  • section perspective
  • theatre hall perspective
  • site plan with views key
  • prospect, procession, and threshold sketch perspectives 
  • elevations
  • exploded axonometric illustrating tectonics of structure
  • transverse sections
  • longitudinal section with theatre detail
  • final section model
  • construction details
  • plans
  • theatre hall perspective