C.A.R.A. Boathouse; An Architecture of "In-Between"
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    This project is a rowing facility located on Wilmington River in Savannah, GA
C.A.R.A. Boathouse; An Architecture of "In-Between"
Oatland Island, Savannah, GA
25,000 square feet
Studio II project
Winter 2012
This project for a top class rowing facility is situated within a rare salt marshland on the Wilmington River in Savannah, GA.  The nature of such an ecosystem with twice a day tides up to ten feet means this site is in a constant state of fluxuation.  This, coupled with the opportunity to glimpse a panorama of the horizon line from the site developed into the concept of "in-between."  To be "in-between" there must be a separation; an division of anteriority and interiority. The goal was to consider how the user could have a heightened awareness of this interstitial threshold in all aspects of design.

These observations of the site site and physical explorations of conceptual modeling and communicative art allowed a solution which enhanced the meaning of place.  In order to allow the result to grow oganically from the site a process which postponed the full measure of intention was required.  In this way, the solution is informed by every act made by this process, which may or may not be a conscious decision.  The final result is a synthesis of what I saw and what I knew; somewhere between the abstract and the real.
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Genius Loci
fluid acrylic on mylar, transfer, photocopy, acetate, charcoal
20 x 26 inches
conceptual process models
 site analysis
 site model
C.A.R.A Boathouse Model
cherry, steel, pulp board, wire, acrylic
15 x 20 inches
 program and circulation diagrams
 section cuts