SW Personal Portfolio

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    This project is my last project in college before entering the final year. The brief of the project is to create a certain portfolio book and personal branding for the students to prepare to showcase their body of work after graduating from the design school. So i was assigned to create my own personal branding alongside a portfolio book to showcase my work. The logo itself uses my initial SW to represent my personal identity as a designer. The book mainly consist of my artworks from 2010 - present times in less than 100 pages.
    The popping magenta-esque polygonal shape in the contrasting solid black background is the philosophies of my graphic artworks that i hope can popped in the crowd and beign recognized by many people and have a bright future ahead as a graphic designer after I finished my college studies.
  • Business Card Design (Front - Back)
     Paper  260 GSM - Hewlett Packard Indigo Printer
  • Bookmark Design (Front - Back)
    Cyrogen Paper 230 GSM - Hewlett Packard Indigo Printer
  • DVD Case and DVD Sticker
    Cyrogen Paper 120 GSM - Hewlett Packard Indigo Printer
    Vinyl Sticker - Canon Pixma Printer
  • Portfolio Book  (98 pages)
    Cover - Cyrogen Paper 260 GSM - Hewlett Packard Indigo Printer