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Festive and On the Spot Competition is a photography competition which held annually by Martografi,
a student club for photography enthusiast. Martografi itself is a student club of Petra Christian University Surabaya. Every year, the creative department of Festive and On the Spot Competition come up with a certain theme for the competition. That certain theme also embodied by the creative department of Festive and On the Spot competition as the big idea for the publication media, such as posters, banners, stationeries, leaflets, and outfits. Enough said, this year's theme is 'Back in Time'. The competitiors are given this big theme to produce a photograph with a vintage theme, retro, and something related with the past. The creative department portrays this theme into a poster. The poster itself is visualized with a time capsule from the past that brings out world renowned figures that had passed away to present time, year 2013. The figures visualized to be just came out from the time capsules in the middle of a prairie. The figures are : American sweethearts in the 50s, Marylin Monroe, Lady of the people, Princess Diana Spencer, The Inventor of telephone Alexander Graham Bell, The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, British Comic, Charlie Chaplin, and The beautiful mind, Albert Einstein. These figures represent the big theme 'Back in Time' because thet brought back to present times from the past. To indulge the 'Back in Time' feel, we chose to use the Art Nouveau styling for the vectors with pale colouring to enrich the vintage feeling of the posters. The digital painting was done by a very talented friend of mine, Enrico Varian which roled as the leader for the creative department. His skill had given a ton of contribution to the completion of this poster, to portray such a great portraiture of world's figure in a comedic yet brilliant and ravishing carricature. The time taken from brainstorming to final execution is approximately 2 weeks.