SUN GOD and the NINE

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  • Stage developments starting from top left to bottom right: Sketch, first layer spray, several layers spray grids and Final
  • SUN GOD and the Nine is a recent painting I finished on April 27, 2012 for my ongoing series SAINTS GOD ALIENS. The artwork was completed in a 2.5 month time frame. The painting measures 40" X 50" and is executed on Canvas with Spray Paint, Oil and Acrylic.

    Inspired by three ancient civilization: Egyptian, Mayans and Northwest Pacific Native Americans and a Helicopter snowboard trip in British Columbia, Canada. This painting illustrates a story of how the nine gods will return to earth to enlighten humanity in the near future as predicted by many of the ancient cultures and religions around the world. 

    I've included images of the entire project starting with color testing and concluding with final. 
  • Image inspiration

  • New spray paint tests, color tests on small canvas
  • FInal blue print
  • Almost complete!