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  • The reforms in the Russian Internal Affairs Ministry and name change of its police force from the militsia to the politsia have brought about endless discussions while visible and tangible improvements are lacking. Old image and brand, legacy of the former militsia, do not fit with the reformed structure. March 2011 opinion polls showed that Russians are very negative and skeptical about the on-going reforms. It has become obvious that a major reform of communication, branding and ideology of the law enforcement bodies is an absolute must.
    New Brand. In the fall 2011, an innovative brand development campaign for the Russian Police has been launched. The new brand was aimed to be multi-faceted, to speak both internally (police officers) and publicly (Russian society, each individual citizen) using state-of-the-art vocabulary of modern visual communication media. The new image of the state body does not detach it from its people, it is open, transparent and friendly. The police officer of today is to be recognized as a model of proper behaviour in family and public life, reactions, manners, presence, and be a highly cultured person.

    Style. A new style will become a beacon for major changes in the Police. Compelling, bright, dynamic pattern developed on the basis of the Russian three-colour flag makes Police cars and uniform stand out in the surroundings and can be adjusted to the needs of particular carriers while still easily recognized. Unique fonts have been designed for the word Police supported by a chevron, a symbol used in uniforms.
    At the moment the Russian Police branding reform is underway and is to be concluded by the middle of 2012. It is called to become an impetus for positive changes in society and favourably influence the strengthening of Russia’s image on the international arena.
    Russian Police website: http://police.smart-heart.ru
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