Russian Hearth Foods

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    Today I'm gonna tell you a story of one unusual logo. One day Nikita contacted me to order a branding project for a company producing Russian healthy food. I found it very interesting as I love the history of my country. Nikita offered to use a Russian oven as a mark because it cooks real healthy food.

    As usual I began with sketches. 
    The first logo concept is to represent the Russian oven. 
    One of the variants is to represent it in fireworks clouds or floodlit.  
    I decide to replace those elements by a traditional Russian pattern. Then I develop this concept and try to apply the Russian pattern to the whole Russian oven. 

  • The second version is a Russian oven represented in isometric projection. I pick out some details to complete the image: a cat, a samovar, an oven fork. 
  • Nikita: "Let's decide on the last version!"

    I draw it on vector editor.
  • It looks ok, but I think something's missing. I try to apply rear projection used in old russian icon painting. It looks effective, unusual and it is easy to remember. 
  • I'm trying lettering types:
  • The final logo.