Here's the story of creating my first font. I've been drawing letters for a long time already, but I have never tried to draw fonts before. 
One day I got to know about the extension for Adobe Illustrator Fontself Maker. It seemed to me that it was just the thing I was looking for. I started thinking of an idea about making a font.

What if I try drawing letters with a stick? No problem, I took a knife and carved a writing tool. It was very fascinating! 
I drew some bold letters with this stick
Then put the sheets into a scanner and applied auto trace in Illustrator. My goodness! The letters came out ugly with many anchored broken lines. 
That wouldn't do! And I got to manually vectorize all the letters. It took plenty much time, but it was worth it! I reduced the number of anchors from 30600 to 21460.
Then I used Fontself Maker and put the font together. It includes only capital letters, numbers and special symbols for the time being. But my first font has already been created and I'm very glad to it!
Thanks for watching!

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