Rebranding National Bookseller

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    The corporate image of National Bookseller visually communicates not what it means for consumers, and it is not clear in its field. As bookstore, doesn't sell books. The fact that your name National Bookseller, also induces consumers to avail to the store to buy books, usually those related to art and design, consequently this lawsuit isn't contributed.

    Creating a new brand image and full branding project that can transmit essential values ​​of the brand, you can also identify consumers and whose image is memorable for them.
    Normalize and direct the brand in two ways, first in how to use and application, from the different media in which it operates the brand, to the physical space where consumers pass to find your product, the store. And second, how much your market, as an expert brand stationery, art, design and office, but it also responds to the origin of the word "Bookseller" as a new product offering to its business model, related books with the design and the visual arts.