RUnifor - The concept of the one section traffic light

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  • New principles of traffic management.
    Conception of single-section traffic lights based on multi-purpose panel RUnifor.
    The only one panel to control main and reversible traffic.
    One signal is bigger and more noticeable.
    Clear mnemonics of signals. The circle means go, the square means stop.
  • The overall dimensions
    The comparison with classic three-section traffic light.
  • The main traffic light phases according to the rule of the road
  • All signals of RUnifor
  • Art-direction:
    Vladimir Khramov
    Vladimir Khramov
    Project manager:
    Tanya Khramova
    Vladimir Khramov
    Stas Martyniuk
    Stas Martyniuk
    3D modeling:
    Pavel Nikolaev
    Client management:
    Nadya Boldyreva
    Valuable tips:
    Sergei Dudkin
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