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    Tuscany and Cinque Terre
  • A series of photographs I took while on a journey through Italy's most beautiful region. I manipulated them in Photoshop to get a vintage, painterly feel.
  • { 'Il vigneto del sole' }
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    This photo of a Tuscan olive grove was taken along the Chiantigiana, the most scenic highway in Europe, in the town of Greve.

  • { 'Boschetto' }
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    Another photo taken along the Chiantigiana, in the town of Gaiole, this time featuring a stand of cypress trees with a breathtaking landscape in the background.
  • { 'Montagne di Fumo' }
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    Another shot along the Chiantigiana, with wisps of smoke drifting up from a farmhouse.
  • { 'Montefioralle' }
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    Photo taken in the ancient village of Montefioralle in Greve.
  • { 'Firenze Duomo' }
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    This photo was taken from atop the famous Duomo in Florence. The views of the city from the top were spectacular, and well worth the 400-stair climb.
  • { 'Lunedi Burrascoso' }
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    Taken in Pisa, along the Arno.
  • { 'Ponte Vecchio Finestre' }
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    The multi-colored windows along the side of the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence.
  • { 'Vernazza Acquarello' }
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    I took this photo at the start of the longest, most challenging, most beautiful hike of my life, along the 5 coastal villages that make up Cinque Terre. This picture was taken of the harbor in the town of Vernazza, our starting point.
  • { 'Manarola Scogliera' }
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    Another shot along the Cinque Terre hiking trail--this time of the unbelievably colorful and tightly-packed town of Manarola, perched high atop a cliff above the Mediterranean.
  • { 'Celeste' }
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    A far-away shot of the town of Corniglia, engulfed by the pale blue sky and ocean.
  • { 'Fiore di Campo' }
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    Taken along the Cinque Terre trail between Manarola and Riomaggiore, a shot of white flowers hanging above the sea.