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    A self-promo booklet meant to accompany my portfolio CD mailer. Design based on the distinctive album art for different musical genres.
Self-Promo Booklet
Work In Progress
We all know times are hard for up-and-coming (that is to say unestablished) graphic designers. I've been on countless interviews over the past year, and have been encouraged by the response I've gotten to my work--I've been within a hair of getting several jobs. But no dice. Its hard to compete with designers with 15, 20 years of experience.

So I'm trying something new--I'm designing a self-promo booklet to send out with my portfolio on CD to every design firm, advertising agency, and relevant brand in the Boston area. I wanted to do something that would make me stand out from the sea of emails and online portfolios they receive every day.

Thus the idea for this project--a printed booklet that explains and showcases my skill set in a unique way: every page in the booklet is designed as an album cover and every spread is done in the aesthetic of a different musical genre. I've finished the Blue-Note jazz spread, the punk rock spread, and the electro/dance spread so far.

I'll update this project as I finish more pages.
Front Cover
Inspired by the Blue-Note jazz album covers from the 50s.
Inspired by current electronic/dance music album covers.
Inspired by 70s punk-rock album covers and fliers.