• Patras Events
    Patrasevents.gr is a portal about local entertainment and cultural events in Patras. I was invited to develop the visual identity and design the logo. Eventually the client rejected the project.
  • Initial approaches
  • Idea
    The idea is based on three elements. The combination of the speech bubble and the monogram, using deconstruction as a medium to create a visual vocabulary.
  • Typography
    The main typeface is Belizio Greek by Font Bureau, a tribute to Haas Clarendon, used for its boldness and timelessness.
  • Icon development
    The monogram is set inside the speech bubble, and a geometric grid is built using deconstruction of the negative space.
  • Monochrome
    The grid is inverted and the negative space now defines the shapes of the logo.
  • Proportions
    Using a smooth curve, I introduced a scale which I applied to the logo and the sign proportions.
  • Colors
    A palette of five tones was used to separate the shapes, and two color schemes (warm/cold) were proposed.