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    Poster created for the EcoHeroes exhibition, taking part at the Green Design Festival 2010, in Athens, Greece. The subject I illustrated was www.… Read More
    Poster created for the EcoHeroes exhibition, taking part at the Green Design Festival 2010, in Athens, Greece. The subject I illustrated was, a blog that advocated activism, ecology and news about the greek environment. Read Less
EcoHeroes /

Green Design Festival 2010

Green Design Festival is an original, open-air, open-to-all event. Over 150 designers from all design-related fields are taking part, along with architects, curators and volunteers. Green Design Festival seeks to present design in all forms and applications to spark a discussion on a contemporary way of life that is friendlier towards the environment, and to help construct more positive environmental attitudes through its suggestions and the themes it addresses.


The EcoΗeroes exhibition called upon 10 young Greek graphic designers to spotlight through their posters the stories of our citizen models who continue to put environmental protection into action in their everyday lives.

The exhibition seeks to present these people to the public as role models, and to inspire our fellow citizens to alter their stance towards environmental issues by adapting their daily lives to the new conditions of our age or by volunteering to work for a better environment individually or as part of a team.

The story of

Until the summer of 2007, no one had realized the power of SMS text messages and the activity that could be generated by a blog. Until then, no one would have believed that thousands of citizens could gather, clad in black, in Syntagma Square to protest the destruction of their environment. It was the summer when Greece was brought to its knees by forest fires that a group of concerned and environmentally-aware citizens decided to set up, which would prove the first step towards the creation of, Greece’s ‘electronic piazza’. And this is the power of the new media: it can unite people who do not know one another and spur them on to collective action. As the site’s administrators write: “Imagine a neighbourhood, or better still a piazza, where people can talk to one another about environmental action, bringing what unites us to the fore and setting aside what divides us. Imagine a square with slogans written everywhere relating to ecology, nature and life. That square is”.

Check the poster at the Green Design Festival website

The participating designers of EcoHeroes, have created a version of their posters, especially for the Green Design Festival website, which you can download and reuse. You can use these graphics as prints on an old t-shirt or a bag, or make pins and stencils. You could also use them, as part of your own graphics or photographs, and create new messages on making the protection of the environment part of our everyday life. 
Download the graphics and spread the message!