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Photography: Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY)
 PHOTOGRAPHY: Dumbo (Brooklyn, NY)
  by Kenneth Shinabery

 Brooklyn has several neighborhoods toexplore. But Dumbo is one of the neighborhoods that has revamped itselfover the years. The area where the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges crossover t he East Riverfrom the city originally was a manufacturing district. Then in the 1970speople began buying affordable loft spaces to use as apartments. NowDumbo is full of Boutiques and shops. Although Dumbo is transforming intoa trendy area of Brooklyn, it still maintains a little gritty feel to it.

Dumbo is not named after a famous Disney character, butstands for "Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass." In 1978residents decided to give the neighborhood what they thought was a sillyand ugly name to detour developers from coming in. Little would they knowthat wealthy residents, art-and-design based businesses and galleries wouldsoon come to love the name Dumbo!