• Nissyoku  /  日食
  • Red Dot Design Award - 2011
    Hungarian Design Award - 2011 1st prize
    KOIZUMI International Lighting Design Competition - 2010 1st prize
    KOIZUMI International Lighting Design Competition Excellent Design Award - 2010
  • In the Japanese culture, the meaning of light is life and light brings forms alive. According to these, I designed the lamp, and its light determines the object’s character, existence and meaning. I was inspired by the process of the solar eclipse, as you can find the light-shadow contrast in the nature the clearest way in this phenomenon.
  • In the field of functional lighting, the Nissyoku lamp is not lighting the whole area around it like others do. There is no need to create reading circumstances with all lamps. We use lamps which create enough light to read, and if they become obsolete or we cannot use them anymore, we just throw them away, we are not connected to them emotionally, we use them because of their functionality.
  • The Nissyoku lamp is a moodlighting lamp, that we don’t use every day, but when we switch it on, we do it in order to find an atmosphere matching our mood. In this way, there will be an emotional connection between the user and the product. If all the objects would be designed according to this method, there won’t be any more waste in the next generation’s society.
  • The len-form panels found on both sides can move to multiple directions. The way and strength of the light is adjusted by the degree of the turning. The two panels move on the concave surface made out of the intersection of the two globes. The panels are fixed on the lamp by the magnets. The lamp can be switched on or off by touching the middle metal ring.

    The magnet is situated on the two len-form panels, and there is metal surface which fixes the magnet. The lamp is produced through vacuum forming. There is a 5W high power LED per panel.
  • The battery is a hybrid supercapacitors have much higher power density than batteries. Hybrid capacitors are of tens of thousands of cycle life and tolerant to severe temperature with no maintenance over ten years. It is ideally applied in the function of frequent fast charge and discharge. Supercapacitor is life is semi-permanent with no maintenance, over 500,000 cycles.
  • The body of the lamp is made of reusable or decomposing polymer (might be aluminium and porcelain). The lamp can be used as hanging chandelier, table or wall lamp. The lamp is fixed with a magnetic consol and a metal disc. Using it as a wall lamp, the two halves of the lamp are fixed to two metal discs, while using it as table light source, the two halves are simply joined to each other.