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    BARISTUM, the handheld coffee grinder and brewer. Grind it, spice it, brew it! Shaken, not stirred!
The BARISTUM is a handheld coffee grinder and brewer in one device.
Grind it, shake it, brew it!
What is BARISTUM? 
BARISTUM is a simple and compact device, one can easily grind and brew coffee with. The device does not require any form of electricity because the BARISTUM functions with the use of your own energy by shaking it.
It is compact, very easy to pack and take on trips with you. It serves as a coffee grinder and brewer in one, this helps you to brew freshly ground coffee without having to take a separate grinder with you. The BARISTUM has a built in filter in one of its caps.
The Form
The clean lines and simple functions aims to serve as a tool that enhances and elevates the ritual of coffee preparation.
What is the process of making coffee with BARISTUM?
To prepare freshly ground and brewed coffee, all you need to do is to place the roasted coffee beans into the apparatus, shake to grind, then add hot milk or 94C-96C water (or both). Preparation time is about 5 minutes. You can spice up you coffee with various kind of spices by the time of grinding.
Photo and Video created by SOMNIUM Studio
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