N Tyler Spring/Summer 2013

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    N Tyler is a menswear brand that originated from London. They combine traditional tailoring and classic British sensibilities with a modern flourish to create a look that is perfect for the urban genteel.

    Titled 'The Importance of Being', the entire campaign muses over the unique sartorial beat of gentlemen—the Genteel Patriarch, Self-Made Man and Heroic Artisan. These are the apostles from the fashion bible our fashion evangelists fervently worship.

    And this fashion bible, is N Tyler's lookbook. Hence, for this lookbook, inspiration was drawn from the book of all books‚ the Bible. A leather bound cover and lightweight textured paper for the inserts were used to mimic the aesthetic of the Bible. To appear as if a fashion evangelist had taken the inserts from a fashion bible to create this catalogue, a torn effect was used for both the website and print advertising campaign.

    Done in collaboration with Uniform.