Archifest 2017: Building Agency
Archifest is an annual festival open to the public to celebrate architecture and the built environment in Singapore. This year's theme 'Building Agency' emphasises the facilitating and building up of agency and citizen participation through architecture, questioning the relationship between people and the built environment.

An expressive and familiar illustration style was developed based around the theme which serves as the campaign visual for this year's identity. The campaign visual takes on a human-centric approach by examining buildings as everyday objects. Instead of a top-down approach where citizens rely on architects to construct a building, it should be a shared responsibility among both. Architecture are often deemed too structured and cold. Here, architecture is visualised as an accessible object where people can relate to and be part of. The identity establishes a consistent visual language spanning across all applications, allowing any image or illustration to work alongside seamlessly. 

Alongside the identity, promotional newsprint is introduced. Engaging interviews and essays are set as the primary focus whereas essential information on various events can be found alongside those content. Collaboration with the partners shown by encouraging and inviting them to create graphics based on the set direction which inlines with the festival's theme.