Mercedes Benz - Mike Krüger MACHER Album

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    Mercedes-Benz Transporter dedicate an entire music album to Germany’s MACHER

    Mercedes-Benz Transporter and Mike Krüger, a famous German singer-sonIn 2011 Mercedes-Benz Transporters starts an orchestrated campaign for their very clients: Hands-on craftsmen, who get up early every morning to work hard. In German those people are called „MACHER“ (Doer, Maker, Man of action). A website would become the backbone and platform for the campaign, guiding small and middle sized companies throughout the campaign and changing their brand reference.
    Client: Mercedes-Benz  |  Agency: Scholz & Friends  | Task: Creative Director

    Awards: ADC, 1x Silver, 2x Bronze, 3x Auszeichnung / DDP Award 2x Gold / BOB Best of B2B 1x Gold / DDP Award "Best of Show"
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    Creative Direction: Christian Mies
    Art Direction: Katja Grunwald, Patricia Stolz, Jonas Christiansen
    Motion: Mario Gorniok, Moril Gnoyke
    Konzeption: Dietrich Pflüger, Ina Eisenbeis
    Programmierung: Andreas Raßloff, Alexander Thieme, Rouven Laurien

    Creative Direction: Robert Krause
    Art Direction: Jörg Waschescio
    Text: Christian Brandes
    Grafik: Anke Zink, Alice Moutinho

    Postproduktion Film:
    Candy Mountain GmbH
    Film-/ Funkproduktion:
    Bigfish Filmproduktion GmbH (Film)
    Hastings Music GmbH (Funk)