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  • Mayonez is a typeface intended for big sizes it's specially good for commercial and editorial uses like advertising, packaging and pages with showy headlines where a warm touch want to be given.

    A balance between friendliness and seriousness is achieved through the combination of opposite characteristics in the structure and contours.
  • Vertical axis and rational structure for a serious character.
  • Cupped serifs along with rounded endings and joinings give a soft look.
  • The slightly curved horizontal strokes contribute to the organic look without making the type lack definition or look cheesy.
  • As the members of the family get bolder the terminations become shorter in order to allow the reduction of the white space between the letters getting thus darker lines.
  • The ascenders height matches with the caps height to allow lines to get closer and have more compact headlines.
  • As Cyrillic has several lowercase letters whose shape is based on their uppercase pairs asymmetrical serifs are used to make the overall look of texts less cluttered.
  • Developing more consistent italics but differentiating them from their romans at the same time implied going beyond sloping romans. That's why this set, including the figures and uppercase letters, has a fluider and simpler structure with reduced serifs.
  • The character set includes a group of figures and currency symbols with standard height and another suited to match better with lowercase letters.

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