Malcolmo's 15M - The Things And The Hands

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  • Malcomo's 15M

    Here you have two paintings I did dedicated to 15M movement, the widespread protest begun in May 2011 and still lasting right now.
    As usually I draw them with both hands, linking each one to the functional characteristics of the corresponding cerebral hemisphere. So that the black part is drawn with the right hand and corresponds to the left cerebral hemisphere: no proportions, no perspective, a lot of visual detail, rational part home of the ego. The red one is drawn with the left hand (right hemisphere): 3D representation, synthetic, dreamer and creative side.
    I drew two hands inspired by the beautiful way of agreeing with the proposals used during the popular assemblies (with no noise, only shaking hands up in the air), and for the concept of having the right to have our future in our hands.
    Precisely the texts on the canvases in English mean "All the things are in the hands//That are ours!" and are written so that each one can be put as to the right a to the left without loosing the meaning.
    I actually brought them to the demonstrations, as you can see in the little video below.
  • The short video about how I used my two paintings as banners during the manifestations.
    The title "El acorde Sol", literally "The G chord", plays on the coincidence between the Spanish name for the note and the name of the square where all began, Plaza de Sol.
    The name appearing in the initial banner, 100Monos, is a little artistic group I founded with the singer Noah Tegra in order to inform people about topics that should be of public domain (and are not).
  • The two paintings exposed with other works in the personal exhibition "Títulos y Mundos Posibles" in Garaje Lumiére, Madrid, June 2011.
  • The BIG ones: 60x60cm.
    Professional print on 170g high quality paper.
  • The SMALLER ones: 30x30cm.
    Professional print on 170g high quality paper.
  • As the original paintings (100x100cm each one) as the posters (the two different dimensions, 60x60cm or 30x30cm) are FOR SALE.
    Please send an email at   if interested!