MJN Apparel / BOLT Series

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  • MJN Apparel  is a limited editionT Shirt brand that creates  smallprint runs of exclusive hand drawn artwork fused with bold graphics.
    This project is the official releaseof MJN Apparel's first range entitled'BOLT' which was first planned atthe begining of 2011.
    The BOLT Series was inspired by the remains
    of an old oak tree,which was destroyed after
    a major storm last year, 2011.

    The tree was scorched and shattered by
    lightning as well as a number of others, which
    was reported to have been hit during the storm.

    From this initial visual, I developed the idea of
    creating a series of designs using abstract
    vector patterns resembling the structure of
    lightning bolts.

    Another featured I decided to include within
    the designs were forest animals.


    Pencils 5H to 8B
    Indian Ink

    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator

    Canon 400D