Illustrated Logos & Branding
I was approached by two family run businesses, one
a Publisher the other a Press based in California.
Both required logos for their new brands, however
different from the standard style which most new
brands use.

These two ambitious businesses required something
more, something quirky and different. I was briefed to 
create two illustrated logos which were pieces of art 
in themselves. They had to tell a story and reflect  
classical and vintage qualities which was strongly 
emphasised by the clients, but most importantly
the designs had to be hand drawn.


Pencils 5H to 8B
Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6

Devious Publications were after a design that
resembled a scene of a renaissance painting.
It had to tell a story woven with metaphor and
I was asked to recreate a chaotic 
battle ship as its burns
away, with people struggling to climb aboard
from the potentially even more dangerous ocean.
This illustration represents the publishing 
industry worldwide and the choas of mainstream.
The people in the ocean represents all the new
businesses trying to set up in the industry.
 However the small rowing  boat represents
Devious Publications rowing away from
mainstream publishing, setting their
own path.
This piece was designed to be used at a large
format to be printed on the covers of some of
their books.

Dobie Press' brief specified the requirements
of a rustic design, a piece which too felt had age
and quality. Images of wine labels were presented
as a reference point as well as Toile de Jouy fabric
Another key theme that had to be intergrated
into the design was an extract from their first
printed book. They wanted a scene of a young
girl running through a vast wheat field with
the breaze rushing through her hair. She was
accompanied by her fellow Doberman, hence
the title of this business. Also a raven flew
over head as the two souls rushed towards 
Illustrated Logos & Branding

Illustrated Logos & Branding

This project was to create two illustrated logos for the Californian publishing company Devious Publications and Dobie Press. Both logos had to b Read More