Lykos exhibition

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  • The online magazine ''Lykos'' organized an interactive week from the 5th till the 12th of January, in Black Duck gallery which is located in Athens. In a framework of a team exhibition, it presented 15 visual artists. I participated in this exhibition with two collage artworks of mine, called ''Shakiness''
    (the greek equivalent is ''μεταξυ φθοράς και αφθαρσίας'' a phrase inspired by the New Testament)
    and ''the Myth of the Primeval Androgynous''.
    (You can read ''the Myth of  the Primeval Androgynous'' at
  • ''Shakiness'' (the greek equivalent is ''μεταξυ φθοράς και αφθαρσίας'') Canvas size 50x70
  • ''the Myth of the Primeval Androgynous'' Canvas size 50x70
  • Photos by Dimitra Gkionde