• Lost Highway: Surface Magazine
    Issue 83, July/August 2010

    art director.
    chris mozsary (www.mozsary.com)

    daniel bernauer (www.bernauer.com)


    alex varanese

    "Imagine the apocalypse came and wiped out everything but chic people and hot design."

    That's how Mozsary described his vision for the project. It's also one of the most awesome sentences in the history of the English language.

  • This month's transportation-themed issue of the excellent Surface magazine features 11 pages of illustration and fashion photography put together by art director Chris Mozsary, photographer Daniel Bernauer and myself.

    I think the result strikes a pretty solid balance between our goals; my apparently insatiable thirst for disjointed urban landscapes was quenched, Bernauer's razor-sharp models took center stage, and Mozsary's story of dystopian-chic surface-dwellers was told.

    Despite the crunched timeline (less than two weeks from start to finish if I recall), every detail seen in the final pieces is original. I did only minimal sketches for each environment before jumping directly into digital. To ensure a unique, finely-tailored result, I created all 3D models and textures specifically for the piece.