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    logo, illustrations, web layout
  • Ego-AlterEgo features in a visual journey the exploration of the concept that good and evil coexist, constantly at war, within one person. Art always gets one or another of the sides revealed. We are focused on showing the best expressions of this concept in fine arts, traditional arts, modern arts, digital arts, design, music, video, and any other form of artistic manifestation.

    You can visit the website / project at www.ego-alterego.com
  • The logo shows 2 E letters, stylized to look like 2 heads face to face smiling to each other while in the same time forming a big smiling head (half lighten, half in shadow).
  • Details from dragons and other illustrations done for the websites background and identity.
    You can see them in full, in action on the website.
  • Full website / blog layout.
  • Visit www.ego-alterego.com website and if you like the project you can follow on Twitter, like it on Facebook, subscribe to it's feeds, or via email.

    Thank you!