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10 years, 100 logo design projects

Hello, this year I am celebrating 10 years since I have started to work as a graphic designer. 
8 of these years I have discovered, explored and focused on logo and identity design. 
I made a selection of 100 of my most popular logos and I will present them to you below.
My personal logo design symbol: The Bat. Created in 2009 it shows a geometric bat with folds inspired by origami constructions.
In 2015 Google redesigned it's logo and launched a new G letter mark icon. I had an idea on how it could have looked better based on the guides and grids that they have shown in the presentation movies. More details and a long conversation about it on
G for Gladiator, with a logo design symbol icon showing a G cut letter mark forming in the negative space a roman / gladiator helmet
VA monogram: an abstract geometric monogram constructed based on flipping triangles standing for the letters V and A, 
logo design symbol for a company focused on mobile advertising.
This is the approved logo design and symbol variation for CamItaly, a business that produces custom designs for sport shirts.
Iceberg logo design symbol created for a hub covering several internet and tech companies.
Symbol exploration created as part of an identity designed for a new gas and petroleum company.
viaMail / via Mail, double VM monogram with letters both in positive and negative space - experimental logo design project for viaMail
An abstract T letter mark, traveling, dots, paths, logo design symbol created for a travel agency.
Dynamic logo design created for Momentum, a platform for developing interfaces. logo design and illustrations (paper style clouds, fire and ice dragons, castles) 
created for a daily updated art and design inspiration blog / website.
Logo redesign proposal for a web hosting company showing a D as a folded arrow. Their existing logo was a wind rose so I have considered just one arrow for the simplification and the new direction of their new logo and identity.
Logo design proposal for Fidelity hearing center
Logo design proposal for ThinkArch competition organized for university students and young architects. The competition is open to students or graduates of Czech and Slovak universities, fields of architecture, urbanism, landscape and garden architecture.
Logo design mark exploration: S letter, sea, waves. 
Logo design proposal for DawnTawn, a modern architecture project based and related to downtown Miami, US.
Creative, logo design for multimedia agency. C letter mark with drops within showing a creative process with a custom made type as word mark. Collaboration with and based on an idea of my friend and colleague Deividas Bielskis
Exploration of a B / DB construction letter mark / monogram / logo design symbol.
Logo design proposal created for Constellation, a digital marketing / innovation agency 
specialized in 'connecting the dots' - social media campaigns
30 shades of monkey, 30 explorations for this logo design symbol showing a modern / tech, abstract, geometric monkey
Logo design symbol proposal for 'Dream it. Catch it. Live it', heart in clouds for 'Dream it.', balloon for 'Catch it.', tree for 'Live it.'
Iceberg, logo design symbol proposal created for a tech company.
Letter D + cube, an isometric exploration, a D letter within a cube, logo design symbol for a 3D scanner technology.
Logo design proposal for Kite, an e-learning platform.
S in negative space formed by 2 N letters, an S letter mark / SN monogram, a space related logo design symbol.
Dynamic visual exploration created for a logo design symbol, a letter mark - a colorful blend showing the letter A
A logo design proposal focused on a boy and a girl interacting silhouettes created for a children genetics research program.
Big-hearted M logo design symbol / letter mark. 
Beast / monster character / logo design symbol
K, colorful letter mark / logo design symbol
Logo design proposal for BeatBat Music, a sound wave in the shape of a bat.
An exploration created for a logo design symbol, a letter mark - a colorful blend showing the letter A
Logo design for a new app, OMG / Oh My Guide! which will publish users ratings and reviews about places, restaurants, clubs, etc.
Logo mark exploration, constructing a Q letter using a circle and squares for the negative space and extension.
Logo design symbol created for a traveling agency which name starts with letter T
Logo design symbol created for WebArchitecten, a web design studio / online advertising agency based in Netherlands
Logo design for Dynamic Dust, a mobile and desktop computer apps and games development studio.
Logo design for IcebergTech a hub for several Internet and tech companies.
Explorations and variations for the iceberg shape fill and colors.
S line art letter mark / logo design symbol exploration.
Logo design symbol exploration for an interior design / modular furniture producer. 
Monogram based on the letters M (in orange) and L (in blue) that form a geometric heart.
A phoenix bird, logo design symbol for an energy / petroleum company.
Logo design proposal for a new chain of gas stations, Oilitus.
Working on a mindfulness project with a name that starts with M, I have created this letter mark also thinking 
about a mountain and the vision and clarity you get when you reach the top of it.
R letter mark: dots / points / circles, logo design proposal for Resolve ProductLab an industrial / product design studio.
Heart beating, logo design symbol proposal for a premium dating website.
Logo design for Go Zebra, a truck rental / moving company. Work done in collaboration with Deividas Bielskis
Logo design proposal for BlueBoard, a 'business intelligence tool that allows 
real-time monitoring of your products and competition for all online retailers'.
E for events logo design symbol
Created for an indie games developer this logo design symbol shows the first letter of the project, a D, a straightforward arrow and a plane. The shape also describes the angle coding brackets.
A small collection of geometric map pin pointers: mountain + landscape // tennis ball // bear // person silhouette 
A geometric heart for Digital Love logo design symbol.
Logo design symbol, a modern / tech, abstract, geometric monkey.
S letter mark explorations based on the negative space formed by 2 infinity symbols and blends.
Logo design for BeatBatMusic, a sound wave in the shape of a bat wing mirrored by the project name.
B, bow and arrow, letter mark / logo design symbol.
The friends over Lemon Digital created this nice animation of the mark that I have designed for a luxury traveling project. 
Fixit, ambigram logotype / word mark / logo design
An abstract geometric Z letter mark, logo design for an architecture / engineering project.
GS monogram + globe icons + scanning radar, logo design symbol for a digital product 
focused on website security and security monitoring.
G / radar / letter mark / logo design symbol
Logo design symbol, a modern / tech, abstract, geometric monkey / astronaut / robot 
created for an artificial intelligence learning project.
A logo design symbol exploration for a project regarding youth and energy based on a colorful interpretation of the map shape of Africa.
Letter mark / logo design symbol based on stairs and letter Z created for a homes / houses related project.
Experimental / for fun logo design concept based on pixels / pixel art and inspired by 
the Queen's Guard / Queen's Life Guard from Buckingham Palace.
Logo design symbol proposal for a premium dating website: heart, infinity symbol, silhouettes kissing. 
Work done in collaboration with Webmark studio.
Video play icon + speech chat bubble, an idea that I had, an exploration for a logo design symbol.
Monogram based on the C letter and cubes for an interior design company which works with modular furniture elements.
Logo design symbol showing an organic / fluid / liquid abstract representation of flame / fire / scent. 
B, geometric letter mark, logo design symbol
Logo design symbol proposal for a games developer studio Red Fish.
Geometric S letter mark and corporate pattern created based on it.
This is the construction grid that I have used to finalize this custom type created for the 
Stacked logo design (a new app focused on fitness, gym and training).
Abstract geometric construction showing the letter A.
Logo design for Eventfull, an online web application focused on events planning and management: E letter mark, hot air balloon, smile.
T, traveling, dots, paths, logo design symbol created for traveling agency
Logo design symbol proposal for MakeAble: a check mark to show that is doable, 
the obvious M letter which is constructed based on the A letter shape (the client likes the Make + Able name combo).
T monogram created for a travel logo design symbol. Besides the T letter the symbol also shows the shape of a paper airplane, and an arrow pointing up. The construction structure with dots and lines represents locations and the connections between them.
Experimental particles / dynamic particles D monogram / letter mark / logo design symbol.
Colorful star constructed based on the letter A, logo design symbol created for an interior design studio.
A few years ago I was hired by the Caribbean Energy Conference to create a mark suitable for an alternative energy summit.
I have imagined a phoenix which is constructed using a little stylized alternative energy symbol (which looks something like this ~).
A cute dog smiling happy that I have created as the logo design symbol for a pets lover project.
An experimental monogram focused on a dynamic spinning S letter, a circle, a Yin Yang connection in negative space.
A logo redesign of a play / explode icon.
An abstract geometric monogram logo design symbol constructed based on 
flipping triangles standing for the letters A and V, logo design symbol.
Logo design symbol created for an online web application focused on events planning and management: 
E letter mark, schedule calendar, crown, sound wave, colorful display.
Proposal created for a veterinary hospital.
Clones / Clone Find, logo design proposal for a social network / social app. 
B letter mark / geometric shapes / triangles logo design symbol
A colorful cup, logo design symbol proposal for a company that produces cups.
A heart shaped island in the middle of the ocean within a BM monogram, logo design for 
Bliss Maldives, a new travel agency promoting the Maldivian islands to the European market.
Exploration for the logo design symbol of a medical foundation showing 2 hearts forming a cross.
Logo design project for DriveGolf, in the symbol you can see the learning triangle, 
the D letter while in the negative space you can see a golf flag.
Abstract, geometric, EC monogram with C in the negative space, in the middle.
Logo design for Beyond The Cloud, a documentary film that immerses you in a journey of one hour about the controversy of the electronic cigarette (vaping) by travelling to several countries of the world.
D - experimental colorful letter mark / symbol / logo design
E letter mark, a logo design symbol created for an events organizing company.
A letter mark based on the letter A and interactive connections, paths, lines and dots.
Another geometric / warping lines exploration for an S letter mark / logo design symbol.
Logo design proposal for Nodelizer, a server monitoring system and alerting solution.
Experimental logo design concept for 38° degrees.
Logo design symbol / letter mark exploration created for a project that creates and curates "the best marketing content for marketers to view, download and enjoy; the reason it's called publish is because you would publish a book, guide, whitepaper etc." The symbol shows a P letter mark formed by a book and a bookmark.
ZeroPark offers an alternative method of monetizing domain traffic, specifically it is a competitor for domain parking companies’.
This was my '10 years, 100 logos' selection collection. 
I am available for new projects, so if you like what you see you can contact / hire me at:

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10 years, 100 logo design projects

10 years, 100 logo design projects

A selection of 100 logo design projects created in the past 10 years by Alex Tass.