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    Illustration based identity (
  • Le Quartier INDIEn is a music blog and they asked me to make something for them!
    But they didn't told me what was that thing, if it was a redesign, a logo or a simples illustraion for display.
    From that point on my head started working like a wild fire!
    I ended up making a illustration based identity, in wich you can see several traditional face painting, that can be combined over a standard face and set to give a different facepainting every time you need.
    In addition a lettering was developed and it can be set next to the face.
  • This set of faces can show you a little of what can be made out of several different combinations.
  • In addition to the illustrated face, a lettering was made. To be featured next to the face.
    This lettering tries to capture some of the wild and mysterious spirit of the LQI.
  • This is a printscreen showing how the facepainting combination may work, aiming to get the viewers curious and eager to see the next combination.