Interpreting Garamonds Lehrmeister.

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  • Interpreting Garamonds Lehrmeister
  • The historic roman tells the story of Garamond and his way to create his typeface.
    In this project, the task is to handle continuous text, to interpret the text in a new way.
    Every student is creating the cover, the intro and one whole chapter.

    Challenges appeared in forms of how to treat the continuous text, how to handle accentuations.
    A roman contains much text, ordered into chapters.
    Even it is a historic roman about the type face Garamond, which is a serif type, I decided to use a sans-serif typeface to underline a modern interpretation of that historic story.

    Whenever text is part of a project, it has to be readable and to calm the eye of the reader.
    The cover showes the underlying grid of the roman. 

    Jakob Schedler

  • Jakob Schedler