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    Typo only print infographic about an one hour Tram ride.

In this project, I am riding Tram 5 in Darmstadt City for one hour.
The goal is to approch the ride with help of typography only.
My basic idea is to ride the Tram from its starting station up to its ending station and gather information about the usage of the Tram at that particular time.
The Tram 5 is divided into two different parts, in the front, there is a wagon with two hinges, and in the back, there is a wagon without a hinge but connected to the front part.
The font I use is self crafted while having in mind to get close to the pixel, display LED font from the Tram.
The information I gathered ranges from who is riding, who is getting in, who is getting out, ages, vacant seats, number of people standing and sitting.
The basic idea of display fonts and displays function with the idea of either display or do not display, a video was created, showing the underlying display / do not display grid.
The original size of the plotted output is 420mm x 1782mm.
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