Infinite Worlds

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    Although I am not a professional photographer, I love taking pictures and see the world from a different point of view. 
    In June of 2013, I acquired a set of lens for my iPhone.
    The set includes a macro lens, which I have used the most for this project. 
    With the help from the lens, I saw what I have been missing or have been ignoring for my whole life. 
    I have been living in a world so big, I have forgotten about the little worlds around me.
    From dust on a car window to a cluster of moss on a tree trunk, there are so many stories behind them. 
    I hope you enjoy looking at the project. 
    And this is just part one....
    . 3 in 1 lens for iPhone 5.
    . Piction app (typographic caption series is here.)
    1.. 2... 3... & START REALIZING.
  • -Dust on a car window.
  • -Top of a soda can.
  • -My girlfriend's hair.
  • -Walls in a toilet.
  • -water dropping from shower.
  • -Water dropping from a faucet.
  • -Moss on a tree bark.
  • -A flower.
  • -Fungus on a tree trunk.
  • -A hairy plant.
  • -A flower.
  • -Hairs from a seed of a plant.
  • -A plant.
  • -Scratches on a window.
  • -Bokeh from a street light.
  • -Clouds.
  • -Flowers.
  • -Flowers.
  • -Flowers.
  • -Clouds.
  • -
    All the photos in this project is taken with an iPhone 5 camera.
    Thank you for your attention.