Images for the book "Fashionable Living" by Naja Munthe
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commision for several series of images for a coffee table book, website & catalogue for a client, Naja Munthe, Munthe plus Simonsen.
Images for a coffee table book
 Commision for the book "Fashionable Living" by Naja Munthe
A client of mine, Naja Munthe, cofounder of clothing company Munthe plus Simonsen commisioned me to make several series of images from her home, summerhouse, office and also a backstage series from her fashionshow at the february fashion week in copenhagen 2012.
Munthe plus Simonsen

Below are a selection of spreads from the book which was released the 1st of august 2012.

See more of the images that I made for the project on my website here, here and here.