Commision for the book, Fri&Rig
In early spring 2011, I was approached by 2 journalists about a collaboration on a book about entrepreneurship.
They had a few cases lined up, with more to come as the project progressed. These included Naja Munthe, cofounder of Munthe plus Simonsen, Jesper Buch, founder of the online fast-food portal JustEat, David Fellah, cofounder of Designit and a good handful of other very interesting people.

The book is an interview style writing, and I did reportages every time the writers met with 2 new cases.
They can be seen here.
David Fellah, cofounder of Designit
Signe Møller, founder of the NPO 100% to the Children
DJ Morten Breum
Jesper Øhlensclæger, founder of M2 Houses, Skykon
Jens Kristian Andersen, founder of Eventdispense
Mads Peter Veiby, founder of phone company M1
Christina Hembo, cofounder & designer, Christina Watches
Maria Rubinke, sculptor
Jesper Buch, founder of JustEat
Naja Munthe, co founder of Munthe plus Simonsen
Solveig Eike, founder of PlasticFantastic
The final book, as it came out in november.