• If Walls Could
    Photo essay on low-income residential neighborhood
  • I recently went to one of Dubai's low-income residential neighborhoods, it's occupants are mostly labourers or factory workers but lots of arabs and Bloushi families share that neighborhood too.

    Originally, the idea was to try and document these labourers on their day off, which I did, but lots of photographers have done similar kind of stuff before… trouble is, if you're gonna do something that's been done before then at least your take on the subject has to be fresh and different, and to be honest I just wasn't convinced that I was doing anything new or more interesting, so I got bored with it.

    Walking around in that neighborhoods though, wherever I turned, I found myself fascinated by all these beautiful walls, so next day I went back just to photograph all these colorful walls.

    I'm a bit of a dreamer, couldn't help but wonder, what If these walls could talk… I'm sure they would tell us thousand stories of joy and sorrow.