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    A study of Portraits in both Colour and Black & White.
A study of portraits in both Colour and Black & White

For last year or two my street and portrait photography has evolved into mainly Black & White, so much so that the mere idea of processing a portrait in colour makes me lose interest all together.

Don't get me wrong please, I'm not being a snob, my dislike for colour photographs is a personal thing and I can't help it. I have the utmost respect for photographers like Steve McCurry who have produced phenomenal body of work in colour.

Couple of weeks ago when I was out looking for new faces I met a street worker who wasn't too impressed with my B&W portraits, he told me that portraits look better in colour and that life without colour would be boring - I don't agree of course but I couldn't get rid of his words, so this time around when I was processing Part III of my Faces series I decided to process each image in both Colour and B&W.

While comparing them side-by-side thought crossed my mind that other people might be interested too, so here they are. Not everyone would agree with me (and that's a good thing) but I still prefer them in B&W.