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    This is a collaborative project we made with our fellow colleagues at the school of BKF. The concept is about an indoor "installation" -- the MIGHTY croisssant -- that we hit flour and make-up on. Later on we made a final composite from the raw material we shot in the studio.

    The name "interactive" relates to the things we could physically do with the setting, and the word "ingeraktív" translated to nerve-wrecking/active is the visual perception you get from the final image.
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  • Thanks to all of you guys who helped creating this:

    Makláry Máté - shooting and editing for making-of / werk
    Kovács Mihály - the guy who threw all the stuff
    Czakó Adorján - photography (Canon 5D Mark II) + concept for "in(t/g)eraktív"
    Pop András - art direction, composite, post-work + concept for food and make-up
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