Family Portraits
These photographs you'll see below are part of a photo book I gave as a gift. Although I shot it digtally the print format was very important for me. There's something really unique about a printed photo album and it's phyiscal attributes. Every family has at least one, and it's always an experience to flip through the pages and have good laughs about how goofy or cute everyone looked at that particular time. These moments are now contained, and hopefully saved for future generations.

Tecnhical Info and stuff
The images are not retouched , just graded. All of them were shot with an EOS 50D with a 85mm 1.8 lens in natural light. Although I decided to do this in black and white, I thought about this a lot. And I don't think it's only a stylistic decision, because colors can affect our feelings quite easily and in this case I considered them to be a distraction. Warmness or coldness could cloud and predestine how you percieve an image and I wanted to focus mainly on facial expressions and use those as emotional stimuli.
Thank you for your attention!