How Language Affects Thought

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    I used my unique position as an interdisciplinary student in the fields of design and linguistics to research and create the following animation. It is intended for those with little to no knowledge on the field of linguistics to increase understanding and further interest in the theory. 
  • I hope the video will highlight the possibilities of making education more enjoyable and accessible using new technology and methods. I also hope to further a theory that is often stigmatized because of its history and held back from other relevant fields becomes of a complex and stand-offish name.
  • Whorf is inspired by real life situations to come to his conclusion. 
  • Some languages require speakers to label a relationship, thus compelling speakers to be constantly aware of their relationship status with others. 
  • Maps show the location of speakers New York Jewish Dialect, a dialect described by linguist Deborah Tannen.
  • Illustrated example of the speakers in the North East preferring sarcasm to the straight forward talk in the Midwest.
  • Closing slide encourages viewers to consider how this theory has real implications in their own lives. 
  •  Process
     Documentation of the process behind the video. Includes inspiration, initial sketches, storyboards and digital sketches. 
  •  Early sketches focusing on style, movement and idea development
  • Late iteration of storyboards through most of the story. Second example had not yet been worked out it.