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    Design Direction Moodboards with Reboot to help determine a visual style. Boards include inspiration, graphic elements and potential outputs.
Design Direction  Moodboards
In collaboration with the Reboot Design Team
The Brief:

The Reboot Design Team was tasked with developing potential visual direction for an international NGO focused on fostering independent media and information access worldwide. The NGO requested a fresh design in line with their overall mission, that was both well removed but also situated within their current brand style.  

The Solution:

I pitched the idea of Moodboards to quickly build styles and gain feedback without investing excessive time into each visual system, as well has helping the team better understand the space the NGO functions in. The following three sets were developed in collaboration.

The Process:

Each direction became with two key descriptors pulled from the brief. An initial board was made for each focusing on inspiration on that theme. After three directions were chosen, each was flushed out with a second board containing graphic elements and a third containing examples of publications in the suggested style. 

Trustworthy & Modern
"For this direction, we are pulling from a tradition of corporate design that emphasizes cool tones and clean lines to convey a strong and modern aesthetic. In our application, we would combine this professional style with more contemporary trends in design that will help embody the newness of the ideas that Reboot is helping Internews embrace. The fonts are a simple and slender type treatments, complimented by a serif body font to reinforce the emphasis on credibility/trustworthiness." 

Key feelings: contemporary, credible, professional, modern, clean, bold
Beautiful & Professional
"This option combines a warm set of tones and traditional type treatments with use of texture to suggest a professional aesthetic that remains informed by the human hand. We would use classic serif type faces with highlights of human-feeling type to offer a light edge. The color palette grounds this traditional design in an accessible and inviting visual language. We imagine using photography heavily in this direction and simple open layout styles, reinforced by circular infographic treatments."

Key feelings: human-centered, warm, professional, classic, approachable, inviting, encouraging
NGO Brand Extended
"This concept introduces a visual style that leans heavily on the Internews house brand. While informed by the hues and feel of the brand, this aesthetic at once creates a unique aesthetic, applying InterNews colors into a 'human' direction, softening and introducing more natural tones. The graphic treatments pull from a clean and bright Swiss style of solid color and rigid grid. We imagine using basic glyphs in color blocks, with hints of transparency to give a modern edge. Infographic style would be very simple, and again, bright and color-heavy."

Key feelings: connection to InterNews, energy, people-focused, digital, clear, simple, bright, colorful