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    Repositioning and naming in record time
  • After 10 months of intense work HSH reveals its new name and strategic platform. The aim is to take on the positon as the main organisation that gets the working life in Norway to work. What could be more natural than to be called Hovedorganisasjonen Virke (The main organization that works). Brandlab developed the repositioning, naming, visual identity and text.

    Det Virker (It works)
    - Only 10 months have past since we got in touch with Brandlab until we launched our new name and strategic platform. In record time, we conducted a thorough process that was integrated within. We have been through a large member survey, two board meetings, general assembly preparations and severa internal workshops. In addition we developed the name and brand identity. Brandlab and the Virke management have been the focal point in the process, leading us through the repositioning in a strategic and engaging way, says Elisabeth Klerck Nilssen, Communications director at Virke.

    A brand transformation

    HSH was established in 1990 as an organisation for commercial companies with strong roots in merchant culture. A culture where proximity to customers and willingness to create value is strong. Today Virke represents more than 15,000 businesses with over 200,000 employees in many different industries.

    - The shoes simply got too small. HSH was associated with trade, while the goal is to be recognised as the main organisation that contributes to a working life that works. The basis for this work is now laid and we are incredibly proud to have contributed to the Virke brand. Every employee at Brandlab participated in addition to our collaborative partners Name a Brand and EDB ErgoGroup, mentions our general manager Hans who also is the account executive for Virke.
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