New main logo
Logos of merging agencies
«We are very pleased with the cooperation we have had with Brandlab. This has provided us with a forceful and modern visual identity, which in a good way supports the new agency's goals and ambitions. The Norwegian Environment Agency shall be the most important premise provider for Norwegian environmental policy – a clear and visible authority in the area."
Bård Bjerkaker, Deputy director of communications, Norwegian Environment Agency
When the decision was made to merge the Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency (Klif) with the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management (DN), Brandlab was engaged to develop a common visual identity for the new Norwegian Environment Agency. The reason for the merger was the Government's request for a more holistic environmental policy and a directorate with a stronger authority in environmental matters.
It was concluded that the Norwegian Environment Agency should be the most important premise provider for Norwegian environmental policy and take a clear market leader position.
To support the agency's authority, we developed a profile with a straight expression: a simple and solid logo and a stylized M as a symbol. It was discussed to have a more detailed symbol. This would also make the profile more flexible and practical. We commissioned a freelance illustrator (Cecilie Ellefsen) to create an illustration containing all the different elements representing the wider scope of responsibility for the new agency. 
The Norwegian Environment Agency has been provided with a visual identity that supports and strengthens its position as the most important premise provider and authority in environmental matters. The profile is practical in use, but still has a wealth of creative possibilities to explore within its elements.